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Meet the Team

We are a small team dedicated to ensuring all Alberta workers' rights are respected. We are experts at what we do: helping workers. 


Executive Director

Carolyn has spent over a decade working in the areas of non-profit, disability casework, education, and government grants. She holds an MA from the University of Victoria, and started at the WRC in 2017.
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Megan joined WRC in April of 2019 as Intake Coordinator, moving into a full time Caseworker role in early 2020. As caseworker, Megan assists Alberta workers in navigating the benefits and appeal systems available to them under the Government legislation. Megan brings a breadth of experience to this role including experience from various industries such as: photojournalism, magazine and newspaper media, sales, marketing, oil & gas, insurance benefits administration, revenue management and real estate.
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Ope joined WRC in Mar 2023 and has grown within the community and social services sector over the past 8 years, making a difference by promoting inclusion, eliminating equity barriers and specializing in program/case management. She has provided services & support to people from diversified populations and cultural backgrounds. Ope’s aim is to continue to promote diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives within organizations, as well as utilizing resources that nurture an inclusive workplace culture.


Outreach Caseworker
Rubina commenced her tenure with the WRC in September 2023. With over fifteen years of dedicated service to marginalized populations, she brings a wealth of expertise in facilitating the settlement process for immigrants and refugees. Throughout her extensive career, Rubina has  addressed a diverse range of challenges, including active addiction, mental health concerns, homelessness, and domestic violence. Her dedication to advocating for the rights and well-being of her clients is a testament to her strong advocacy skills.

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Medical Benefits Caseworker
Quinn specializes in helping clients with complex health issues and helps them access appropriate support based on their conditions. She also has expertise with workplace sexual harassment cases. Quinn is a proud golden-doodle mom and has a soft spot for all furry creatures. 
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Intake Coordinator
Peace joined the Worker’s Resource Centre in January 2024 as an Intake Coordinator. She is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Social Work. Peace seeks to serve vulnerable communities and populations and spends majority of her time volunteering or working in spaces that promote equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice. Peace seeks to utilize an anti-oppressive and trauma-informed approach in her practice at the WRC.


Zoe joined the WRC in July 2021 and holds a Bachelor of Arts. She is formally educated within the realms of addiction, mental health and social issues. She has spent 8 years working with marginalized communities,  including immigrants, refugees, people with developmental disabilities, people with mental health issues, people in active addiction, and people experiencing chronic homelessness. Zoe is strong advocate regarding social policy, and has spoken on both provincial and national panels about policy reform.
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Public Legal Educator
Kennedy went to college in Chicago, IL and holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Gender Studies. She has vast experience in ensuring employers are held accountable for implementing their diversity and equality policies. Kennedy has spent the majority of her career in the social service sector supporting underrepresented communities with a focus on equity, self-advocacy and humour.


Social Supports Coordinator
Banafsheh previously worked as an Economist with Government of Alberta, forecasting and generating reports on various commodities. Her most recent experience has been with another non-profit organization, where she managed an interpretation and translations program assisting newcomers with their translation needs. Banafsheh is passionate about supporting newcomers because she too was a newcomer at one time from Iran. Banafsheh speaks Farsi and looks forward to sharing her passion with the WRC staff and clients alike.

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Fiona is a nonprofit communications and marketing specialist who joined the Workers' Resource Centre in November 2023. For over 10 years, she has spearheaded communications for nonprofit  organizations in peacebuilding, development and human rights in Africa, Europe and North America. Fiona holds a Master of Journalism from Carleton University and loves using storytelling to bring the WRC's impact to life. 
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